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OTIS! Live Music Schedule for 2014

Doors open at 6:30 pm
Performances begin 7:30 pm
(1 free drink included)

For information and reservations, mailto:otis.s@nifty.com
When sending inquiries and replying to messages,
please keep them brief and in simple English. This will ensure a quick reply. Thank you!

*Address: 1-20 Kako-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan 730-0812
Phone & Fax: 082-249-3885 (from overseas
(FAX only, please), +81-82-249-3885)
*Please write your name, phone, name of performer,
and the number of tickets.
Please tell us your name at the entrance when you arrive,
if you have paid in advance.
*Or print out this page and bring it with you.

9/4 Trio Oddball Door 2500yen
HOSANNAS8from portland)
and more
Door 2000yen
9/7 Hashiken Trio Door 4000yen
9/11 Carumen Maki
Uchihashi Kazuhisa
Door 4000yen

Guitar Solo

Hosoda Yoshihiro

Door 2700yen
Saito Makoto
Door 5500yen
9/25 OPEN MIC Night
Instrument Live Night
Entry Fee \1000
9/26 Bass Solo
Sato Kenji
Door 3000yen
10/7 Sizzle OtakaHashiken Door 4000yen
10/8 Nakamura Atushi
Door 4000yen
10/10 Hoppy Kamiyama
Fujikake Masataka
Door 3000yen
10/19 Nakajima YuziroIshikawa Satoshi DUO Door 3000yen
10/20 Guitar Solo
Komatubara Syun
Door 3000yen
10/21 fuchin Gido・Tuva &Dr Door 3000yen
10/29 Shimoyama Ryohei Door 3000yen
11/3 Morin Holl Solo
Okabayashi Tatuya
Door 2500yen
11/9 The DUO
(Kido Natsuki(g),
Duzuki Daisuke(g))
Door 4000yen
11/12 THE OSONAE vol.8

Please e-mail us with your impressions, requests, or other feedback
about performances you have attended.

If you are a performer yourself, please contact us about bookings. We are particularly interested in novel and exotic forms of originality. mailto:otis.s@nifty.com Hiroshima, Japan

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